When you complete a seemingly impossible task with absolute perfection.
I can't believe I did that on the first try! Sweesh!
I got 100% in my assignment! Sweesh!
I just won that carnival game! Did you see that shot? Sweesh!
by double_cheese_cronen_burger January 21, 2022
Use the exp. when someone totally blows off at an utterly impossible task
A fly gets into the classroom

Random nigga: Lemme get that one with ma pewpew gun.

-pulls back paper on rubber band and shoots it with pro precision-

Hot chicks- Sweesh
by Wolvesignorebitches September 26, 2019
Another word for 'lady parts' (the vagina).
So I met this 27 year old dentist, who drives a BMW, and I took him back to my place where he was all up in my sweesh, but I was like dude I can't, so then we didn't do anything involving my sweesh.
by Gregasm March 27, 2010
-A sweet queef.
-What the fuck?
Dude, that was so sweesh!
by //Glass. December 10, 2004