A Term Used As a Camper on Xbox live
Could also be pronouced as "Sweeling."
Ex of Sentences that could be used:
"Dont be a Sweel"
"Why are you Sweeling?"
"This guy dosent know how to play all he does is Sweel"
"Wow what a noob he is just like Sweel"

by Stazic April 10, 2011
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Combination of Swell and Sweet, Better than Swell.
1. We had a sweel time bowling and hangning out!
2. Dude thats fricken sweel!

3. This ice cream is sweel!

4. Im Sweel!
by Naked Guys December 9, 2009
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shorter word for "the wheel of Samsara" in Buddhism (which means the wheel of suffering. Already well-established in India before the time of the Buddha was the psychological system known as The Wheel of Samsara, or The Cycle of Existence, or The Path of Transmigration. It is depicted as a circle divided like a pie into six realms, each having numerous subdivisions. Following Shakyamuni’s enlightenment, four more realms outside the bounds and bonds of samsara were recognized: those who hear the Dharma (sravakas); those who understand the Dharma (pratyekabuddhas); bodhisattvas; and Buddhas).
My life is like f... sweel. I didn't want to be hurt by me dream girl who is Dew
by Andrius lonesome :(((((((( March 13, 2008
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That "sweaty" "feeling" you get, generally on your hands, ass crack, or under your tittie/man boobs.
Man this Florida heat has my ass sweeling!
Jessica's nasty vagina sure is sweeling in this summer heat.
I sure hope Bart washes his sweeling balls before Casey licks them tonight, or they might taste like Fritos.
by C. NY April 23, 2019
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