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"Swedish Friday on the Rocks" is a procedure with intricate sexual acts on which the male and the female perform grotesque and vile tasks during sexual intercourse. The first act will be drinking 1-2 liters of water (may be tap, compacted, toilet, etc.) and waiting 2-4 hours for the urination process to commence. During this time, the female has the optional opportunity to purchase a nose plug or another type of plug. The female may use other commonplace objects (such as a cork, a rubber stopper, etc.). Once the urination process begins, the male plays the role of the "urinator", in which he controls all of his urine to curve its trajectory, thereby landing snuggly into the nostril(s) of the female, or the "urinatee".

Once the urination is finished, the female holds her head and neck backwards (65°-90°) while the male stands (either on or off the bed), masturbating until stopping to ejaculation. While the male ejaculates, he attempts to land all of his ejaculate into the female's navel, AKA the "belly button". After landing his ejaculation, the female must then carefully and confidently transfer the urine flown into her nostril earlier, and into the female navel. The male must then obtain a cup or glass. The origination of "Swedish Friday on the Rocks" suggested by Swedish paupers and now Swedish millionaires, recommends that the male should obtain a shot glass that holds 0.5-1 oz.
For our conception, I think we'll just do Swedish Friday on the Rocks.
by Ballz to the Wallz July 11, 2014
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