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The origin of the word comes from an insult given to people that are into GOOD music e.g rock, metal, punk etc, by chavs, scallies, and townies. The majority of chavs came up with the name after they decided they were too stupid to come up with something clever and witty. They came up with sweddy which stands for Smoke Weed Every Day. Now the brain dead chavs have stuck with the name and get some sort of kick out of calling random "sweddies" in the streets, whom they have no relation to whatsoever. Smoking weed every day is not common with "sweddies" but mostly common with chavs. Ironic isn't it?
1. "Cut ya hair ya sweddy!"
2."look at that fookin sweddy over there"
3."I'm going to fookin twat that fookin sweddy, me" - translation = "i am going to sexing vagina that sexing sweddy, me"
by johnathan dupres June 11, 2005
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a sweddy is the origional name for 'moshers'. they are the dirty type who are into grunge music and generally wear skater clothes, ripped clothes and have long scraggy hair (male or female)
they smell of sweat because they dont was and so they are called sweddys.
by john g November 15, 2004
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