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The act of one individual preventing sexual actions between two people of the opposite sex. A mix of the terms.. Cock Block and Cunt Swat.
Gosh Rudy, when we were in choir today.. you so SwattaBlocked my girlfriend and i.. BIG TIME.
by rq2 February 22, 2010
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The past tense of the verb swattablock.

Known as the act of having prevented sexual relations between the two members of a heterosexual couple. Commonly known as the shortened way of saying that someone has both "cockblocked" and "cunt swatted" simultaneously, thus preventing either party from engaging in coitus.

There are a number of reasons why a couple may be swattablocked many experts argue that it is often simply an accident; however, in recent years studies have shown that spite, jealousy, and pettiness may be the primary factors that bring about the swattablock.
Did you see how bad Trenton swattablocked Heather and Paul yesterday? They weren't even able to sext one another without him getting in the way, let alone fuck.

My mom told me that I was an accident, and that she wishes someone had swattablocked she and my father that night.

The only way I want to be swattablocked is by a condom.
by Dinkleberger May 21, 2018
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