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The holy Grail of offensive images, usually hand drawn, or crudely put together in an art editing program.

It is a collection of cocks, arranged into the shape of a Swastika
bugger me gently, those bastard moderators have just banned me from the Sunday school playgroup social web forum... and just for having an avatar image of a swasticock!
by nicklouse10 June 25, 2009
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The swasticock is the absolute most offensive image. It consists of a gigantic throbbing penis with a swastica in place of the whole. It can sometimes be see secreting rank fluids. It was founded in a town called Naperville in the region of the American State of Illinois.
Steve, quite hungover, stumbled into the bathroom and bellowed in disgust and and agony "Shit! Someone drew a swasticock on my forhead!"
by david chapman April 29, 2006
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