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Swander (n)- a purposeful wander. Final destination is known, but you do other sporadic things on route.
Person 1: Got to get the train at 330, might go a swander to burn some time.

Person 1: You could say we have spent the last hour swandering up this street.
by James Fowler May 22, 2006
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An individual who exhibits poor judgement when it comes to manors, hygene, and work ethics. Tipicly these people have tooth butter, and spit their dip (or anything in their mouths) on what ever with no regard to were they are at. These individuals often rely on others to figure out what they should do and then poorly imitate the examples. A "swander" also relies on its parental figures to bail them out of most financial situations.
Noun - "That man is a swander, he just spit dip inside an elementry building."

Adjective - Turning in a project that is so poorly done it looks spit in a used dipare. "I swanderd all over that report I turned in"
by John Deer May 08, 2007
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