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The hot girl who surrounds herself by ugly friends. The "fox" (hot girl) who hangs out in the swamp (ugly friends).
Sylvia is always gonna be a swamp fox hanging out with those trolls.
by Don Tidus October 24, 2006
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A swamp fox is a term to describe a person when he/she is being a lazy pupil, and doing no work, as if he was stuck in a swamp.
Jesse Lebowitz, stop being a swamp fox in Mr. Miller's Gettysburg class... do your work already.
by THE HIGH GROUND December 17, 2009
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v. To be sneaky and deceitful with a clear and defined purpose.
n. (The Swampfox) One who is acting or the act of being sneaky and deceitfully with a clear and defined purpose.
I got swampfoxed out of my sandwich when my friend ate it after telling me that it has gone bad.

I swampfoxed the neighbors by drilling a hole in the wall that divides us and stealing their heat for the winter.
by Moge623 October 23, 2006
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Retired teacher that is the epitome of arrogance and jackassery. Now we know why the institution of education has fallen to crap, as he probably crammed liberal agenda down the throats of impressionable young people. Believes in global warming. Blows off nuclear energy as a viable source. Has a hangup on "teabagging". Mind you, this guy is past puberty. Hangs around all day on a message board. Sad, sad, sad. Worst part is, it's supposed to be a Revolutionary War hero that porked his cousin.
Uh, global warming is for REAL, you teabagger!!! You get an F!! We're all better than this.

Good Lord, he just Swampfoxed me.
by FOSC March 04, 2010
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To ejaculate in a red heads hair
prefferably of the female gender.
But to execute this correctly
is to be sneaky with it.
Not let them know your going to ejaculate in there hair.
By maybe getting some sort of sex move (handjob blowjob sex)
and saying your about to bust a load.
and then letting it go in her hair at the last second.
Dan: Dude i totally SwampFoxed that Ginger bitch i got with last night.

Mike: Dude awesome! I bet she had trouble combing her hair this morning.

by Andy Is Beast July 07, 2008
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A guy who's sexy because of his grungy/punk style. They generally have dread locks, go surfing, and are really laid back.
That surfer with the dreads is such a swamp fox.
by lizzyloo December 10, 2007
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