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(Plural Swagtards) ¹Someone who overuses the term "swag", mostly Hypebeasts. ²Can be used in place of "Hypebeast."
Swagtard: Oh, is that a lollipop? Swag. Can I have some?
LollipopOwner: Uh... okay, you can have a lick or two. Nice Obey hoodie and vans btw.
Swagtard: MMM! Suuuwag, dat shit cray! For reals do, its hella raw. You wanna see my integra? I have it hooked up with some JDM swag.
LollipopOwner: No thanks, swagtard.
by TotallyBaked February 05, 2012
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(noun) a person who asks what "swag" is. Either due to lack of popular culture exposure, incarceration, being part of a cult, not being "a cool mom", or never attending any event where goodies are involved. Age does not apply to being swagtarded
Wife:"Honey, what is swag?"
Man: "What the fuck did you just say?"
Wife: " I went to a Lula party and got a swag bag, I don't know what it is! Hee hee"
Man: "I want a divorce and my credit card back. I can't believe I married a SwagTard."
by Motherofunicorns June 22, 2017
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