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Performing an act that is fun or spontaneous.

An item of affection considered to be cool.

Carrying ones self in a manner that dictates their personality preference for spontaneity, and otherwise all around dopeness!
Taking a random, last minute vacation would be #swagtaneous

"Flew across country to NYC on 2days notice, just to see Jay-Z perform at MSG."

A spontaneous purchase, that boosts one's "Swagger" might be #swagtaneous

"Woke up and decided to go shopping today"

Stopping at a bar for drinks, and leaving with phone numbers or members of the opposite sex. This would make for a #swagtaneous night.

"Tonight was supposed to start as a work happy hour and it ended pretty wild!

Can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
by J Hoss April 19, 2011
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