used to tell another to get their swag on and lets go
"yo bro hurry up we're going to be late, SWAGGO!"
by asianfreckles October 25, 2011
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Term used for : the swaggiest of all the bunch of swaggy people.
Person 1 : Omg did you see them?

Person 2: Who??
Person 1: The swaggos! They're such idols, I aspire to be as cool one day!
by Niniyosa June 27, 2021
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Swaggos is like, Spanish for swaggy. or swag
Whatever language that likes to use -o as an ending.

Note: swaggas is not a legit word
*When there is no one in the locker room*
Gab: SWAGGOS!!!!
by Yor seudonym March 07, 2019
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