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An individual, so encompassed to all the swag the they posses, they become a swag lord. A position of nobility, they have mastered the arts to posses above normal levels of swag. Once a swag lord, always a swag lord.
God damn, Lewis just took home 6 girls in a night! He's gotta be a Swag Lord.
by Sgt. Swaaglord September 06, 2015
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A little cunt, particularly a 12 year old, who thinks they have vast amounts of swag.
Swaglord: Oy fam, i Swaglord here. Today on our minecraft let’s play 228282, we finally found diamonds.
Normal Person: Jesus, this kid is a retard.
Swaglord: lel no you is no win my diamond sword is better expect the unexpected
by Peanut_Man December 07, 2017
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