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Best friends in the world. These two girls are inseparable. Everyone wishes they were lucky enough to be a svat. To be a svat you must be amazing, and have telepathic abilities. All you have to do is look at your fellow svat, and everything comes together. No one can get in the way of a svat friendship even if they try their hardest.
Who is that girl? She's awesome!
She's my svat.
by svatscantpant December 26, 2010
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They way that you look after you lose a lot of weight, but are still fat. Not yet svelte.
person 1: "I lost 20 pounds, but still have a way to go to reach my goal."
person 2: "yes, i see! you are looking quite svat."
person 1: "uh, thanks."
by RickyDeePA February 03, 2011
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