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they are shy at first but if they know u well they are very comfortable around u. Sometimes being a little too comfortable around you can cause them to act high.Such a person usually has all the makes for a truly long lasting friendship. A very deep person who has a lot of feeling but doesn't share them with the world but if they do then you truly mean a lot to them. All the guys love to roast her and have many inside jokes. People like her can be easily influenced by people around them and can sometimes act like jerks . She has many sides of her and can act like a diva and then the next minute act like an angel. If you met this person for the first time then you might think shes the quietest kid but in reality OMG SHE IS THE MOST FUCKING TALKATIVE PERSON EVER she never shut the fuck up and wont stop talking. She is super fun to be around but sometimes she can be a little brat
She is such a susmitha !!!
by arya4u3 February 23, 2017
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a young teenage girl with an outgoing personality, beautiful eyes, and a gorgeous smile.
Wow, you remind me of Susmitha!
by lollygaggingg116 February 22, 2012
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Susmitha , a young girl who is addicted to nicotine and has gotten arrested several times for doing illegal things , she is very sneaky and always gets her way. She is currently living her best life right now and has a good life. She is very hard to talk to but once you start talking to her she'll let you do a illegal things with her. she Smokes and drinks too much someone help her!
OMG ! Your doing illegal things right now that means your a Susmitha ! Do NOT get arrested like a Susmitha
by juulgod454 January 15, 2018
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