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A term that was used by Lil Peep to describe himself.
" Call it rap, call it pop, boy
Call it what you want, boy
We call you a opp, boy
Damn, I'm a real life GothBoi "

~ Lyrics from song 'GothBoi (Sus Boy)' by Lil Peep
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by madting19 May 22, 2018
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Sus boys are suspicious. They might use words like dusty, thiq, or boi. You probably suspect they have a double life, and they might have dollar signs in their instagram handles.
Chad said he was leaving the party and left. He was later spotted in the backyard. "He's such a sus boy," said Becky.
by lindzayhey August 09, 2018
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A person who is viewed as suspicious and deceiving. They may tell you one thing but will really be thinking of something else. They often get piped out by other men which returns to the term "sus".
Jerry: Dude what the fuck was going on last night you Sus Boy, I caught you blowing a dude!

Suspect Man: What!? No Way, I'm not gay, only my boyfriend is!
by The Bugged Out Man August 14, 2016
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Group of dudes in high school known for being lit and throwing parties
Jake: Bro you going to that party this weekend

Tom: who throwing it?
Jake: Sus boys
Tom: Fuck yeah bro it's gonna be lit asf
by Litsandy November 21, 2016
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