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By definition, a Surrey Jack is a typical Indo-Canadian individual who tends to show his or her heritage to the fullest. This includes, frequently drinking 'Crown Royal' (alcohol), and 'polishing it off' (meaning to completely finish the bottle). Also including the various term: BRO, PAJI, and the mispronunciation of the word Fucking, with FUCKIN-UH, also to call each other PANCHOD'S! (sister fucker). Surrey Jacks can usually be found anywhere in the city of Surrey. Putting a CD on your rear view mirror is a common way to spot a Surrey Jack on the road. Another main way is to listen for loud Punjabi music playing. The more modern Surrey Jacks can be spotted on foot, usually wearing clothing such as: Puma, Lacoste (usually not real), tight jeans, blue contacts, ballerina shoes, and most seen, a jacket with fur on the hood. It is a rare thing to see a Surrey Jack alone, being that they tend to usually travel in packs. This means that Surrey Jacks tend to travel with their closest Indo-Canadian friends (known as their 'Bro's') and possibly their cousins. Another way to spot a Surrey Jack is to invite one Indo-Canadian to a party and watch how many people come with him or her, refer to the last point to know that they travel in packs. Another common trait of a Surrey Jacks is taking pictures. The most popular pose is to throw up both hand and make sure to stick out your two main fingers (middle and pointer) in the air and make a face that is best described as lips completely out and squeezed with your eyes completely open with a angry type of feel. Speech is another thing to look for in a Surrey Jack, being that they tend to switch between languages (Punjabi/Hindi and English). The Vancouver Canucks are the stand-out sports team for the typical Surrey Jack, while the Calgary Flames, the Edmonton Oilers and the Colorado Avalanche appear to be the enemy, even though a lot of the Surrey Jacks wear those teams jerseys. 'Parking Lot Pimpin' is another common scene that Surrey Jacks, meaning to listen to Indo-Canadian music at extremely high volumes and dancing around with the Surrey Jack dance moves, as well as yelling 'BALLE!' and 'OI!'.
Man after the party, Sonal took us to a McDonald’s parking lot and played some Brown music, man she’s a typical Surrey Jack.

Shit! Alaa called one brown guy to the party and he brought like 30 Surrey Jacks with him!
by Ray Kumar March 22, 2007
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A south asian gangster usually with these characteristics:
- wears brand only clothing (Jordan, Puma, Lacoste, Nike etc
- has high hopes of becoming a successful gangster/dealer
- has so many enemies (usually of the same ethnicity) that he is afraid to walk in groups of less than four
- at many times, uses punjabi words like paaji, panchod, phudu
- they always jump ppl they hate or if they are drunk......random people
- the only kind of music the listen to is punjabi music and rap
- smoke weed, fuck bitches, and drink liqour on a regular basis
- tend to hindu pack their cars
Some guy: hey u hear that punjabi music?
Other guy: yeah i think a hindu packed car full of Surrey jacks are comin our way! RUN
by NOTASurrey jack April 07, 2007
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Indo Canadians who wear black air forces and a shit ton of Jordan clothing only wear black. Supposably the gangsters of surrey. With a silver chain
by Sala bhenchod September 28, 2018
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A Really dumb Indo-Canadian Gang Member with a very strange haircut (tiny spikes on the fron of his head).
Surrey Jack (banned), Not Surrey Jack (banned), and Indo-Canadian Gang Member.
by Historymars March 23, 2007
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