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One who makes friends with a guy only to get close to his (usually younger) hot sister.
I thought Kevin was my friend... But it turned out he just wanted my sister. What a shameless sister fucker!
by Urban_Fellow June 23, 2006
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95% of the people that don't live in a city
Not all truck drivers are sister fuckers but all sister fuckers are truck drivers
by treeman7 June 09, 2018
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Implies that some one fucks there sister. TO be used in a very derogatory tone. The implication of incest is not acceptable in any culture. It is a very popular saying in India, and will usually result in huge fight when muttered.
Yo Sister Fucker you messed up today's order!
Tobus is such a Sister Fucker!
by Lanus69 April 27, 2012
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1) A guy who fucked your sister.
2) A guy with a hard on for black girls, usually not a black guy.
3) A guy who would rape his own blood.
1) Your little sister was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Best Fuck in Baghdad three consecutive years in a row in the 2000s, then that sisterfucker Benny got with her.
2) Kevin sure does have a hard on for black chicks, he wants to become a sisterfucker.
3) Jorge and his homeboys ran a train on his big sister again, he's a sisterfucker piece of shit!
by Keith Ashley Jr. September 18, 2018
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An individual who has a lifted truck for the purpose to have a lifted truck. Wears so much camouflage that you can't see them.
Hey did you see that sister fucker driving that truck?
by TMB Xbone January 21, 2015
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