One who makes friends with a guy only to get close to his (usually younger) hot sister.
I thought Kevin was my friend... But it turned out he just wanted my sister. What a shameless sister fucker!
by Urban_Fellow June 24, 2006
DuDE: look its a fucking sister fucker lets beat him up
by some_boi_xxxxx December 20, 2018
95% of the people that don't live in a city
Not all truck drivers are sister fuckers but all sister fuckers are truck drivers
by treeman7 May 24, 2018
Implies that some one fucks there sister. TO be used in a very derogatory tone. The implication of incest is not acceptable in any culture. It is a very popular saying in India, and will usually result in huge fight when muttered.
Yo Sister Fucker you messed up today's order!
Tobus is such a Sister Fucker!
by Lanus69 April 27, 2012
An individual who has a lifted truck for the purpose to have a lifted truck. Wears so much camouflage that you can't see them.
Hey did you see that sister fucker driving that truck?
by TMB Xbone January 22, 2015