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A Role Playing forum started in 2001 by negligent mother Mizukori, and her lover Ack. Since its creation, the forum has been through several server moves and layout changes. Of the most famous of these server moves, the often absent (so much so that members would assume that she was dead) Mizukori threw a fit among her staff, complaining that she couldn't code anything in vBulletin (the forum format they were using at the time). After taking a vote with her staff, she overrode their decision and moved the forum back to phpBB, losing many of the forum's faithful members.

During Mizukori's death-like leaves of absence, the other forum administrator Ack ran the show. Many of the old S*T members argue that Ack was the real spirit behind the site. They go so far as to call Mizukori the mother that left S*T on Ack's doorstep.

In recent times, Mizukori has been seen a bit more often around the forums, but is still nowhere near as influential as Ack.

Surreal Twilight uses a system that prevents random passersby from trolling and/or ruining role plays that they are not involved in. This system involves blocking all new members from the main RP areas until they have proven their skill in writing.

Members of S*T are often overzealous of their forum and its precious leaders.
Boy: "Hey, have you ever heard of Surreal Twilight?"
Girl: "Oh yeah, I used to RP there once."
Boy: "Oh? What made you stop?"
Girl: "The great Mizu PMS of 2005. I haven't bothered with it since then."
by Japanties April 06, 2009
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The greatest RPG website known to mankind.

Also known as "S*T"
Guy1: I need to express my literary techniques.

Guy2: Go to Surreal Twilight!
by Roy Fenton October 11, 2006
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