He is that boy! The boy that is so funny that it will make every class and that he knows what hes doing in class everyday. Without him, no one would like class but with him everyone would :)
omg is that suro the dude who makes everyone in class laugh
by antonio is gay September 19, 2019
The boob lord. Lord of all boobs. Her boobies are just so massive. If you meet her, you will be suffocated by her massive big fat plump juicy boobies. All of the men are on the knees begging for her milk. If I had to guess, her boobies are the size of a 130 story building. Damn bro, I wish I could suck those tits.
"Hey gorl! Holy shit your tiddies are massive! Youre just like a Suro!"

"Thanks bestie, wanna suck?"
by Boob Lover 69 420 August 28, 2022