The man. The most relaxed, is a vibe, bro you will ever meet. Loves combo games, and/or loves bonfires, and silence. The Sex god, best friend, and unleashed yet tamed beast. Worships anime or Jesus, but never both or he would be too strong. The female most lovely yet powerful woman you’ll ever meet. Might fight, but will say otherwise. Will argue, but is nice, when they want to be.
Man Surls is such a vibe, but he has been challenging me to a duel in combos lately, and I can’t tell if it means hands or a combo game.

I saw a Surls too bro she was so sweet, until she got mad, trying to TKO me with a shoe.
by Oof aloof March 12, 2023
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Two Meanings:
1) A way to say "ur bad" to someone in a question form

2) A means of greeting between friends or people familiar with the term
1) You failed your math test? SURL?!
2) *Sees friend* "surl?"
by kappafish May 8, 2019
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An amazing guy who is the best person one could ever meet.
Oh my gosh, I love my boyfriend, he's such a Hunter Surles.
by skinnyjeanschickka27 December 22, 2009
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