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A drug gang based out of South Jamaica, Queens in NYC. Allegedly half-a-dolla, a.k.a. 50 cent, was a low level crack dealer with the gang who never made it big. Also, it's believed that the former, or still might be leader via prison, Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff was behind the death of 1/2-a-dolla's mother and conspired to kill 50 Cent, which resulted in 9 alleged bullet holes and a record contract.
Makes a great film, oh wait...
by The Marksman July 26, 2005
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Large Drug Organization in Queens that got their supplies from "Fat Cat" Nichols a legendary drug dealer in the 80's. Kennith McGriff or 'Preme was the leader and his cousin Gerald Miller or 'Prince was 2nd in command. The line in 50 cents Quetto Qur'an "'Prince was the killer, 'Preme was the buisnsessman" so enraged McGriff he recruited a stick up kid named Hommo to kill Jackson (50 Cent). Preme is in for charges of money laundering, drug possesion, murder, and conspiracy charges along with some others. He will be serving life in jail or possibibly get the Death Penalty.
Supreme Team struck fear into the hearts of every one in the mid 80's for their senseless killings and their vicious brutality towards rival dealers
by CK1 January 03, 2006
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