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a big white guy with a beard who kills motherfuckers all the time; the superman of thugz.
The Evil Zoe Clone and Identicon Guard were blown away by one rocket shot from the Super Thug.
by Super Thug May 11, 2003
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a 5'4" 130lb white bitch , lives out in the country, pants below his waist, tends to eat bologna out of others asses, may drive around all the time, no life, everyone hates em, in some cases are extremely gay,queer, homosexual, pansexual, transgender, omnisexual, bisexual, beastisexual etc etc fags... has the name of Carl Crandall, Zach Bevard, COdy Ash, and Jeff Morhart..
Note... if you happen to experience a super thug, kill them instantly, for they will spread...
Oh no the super thugs..
hide your bologna quick...(subliminal haha read above)

HAHA THINK IF YOUR HORNY(does not pertain to super thugs hehe)
by RJDL February 15, 2009
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some freaking loser who hates www.homestarrunner.comTruth is the site is a funny site anyway i doubt he could make a better cartoon he is a complete loser who probably has an IQ.of 30
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
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