when something or someone is above and beyond superb.
when the quality of the subject surpasses any form of requirements.(not just to describe good weed)
super fire can also be used without the word super in front of it.
1. i'm smokin' on some super fire right now called og kush.

2. "what kinda shoes are those?"
"oh these are wallabees..."
"right on, those are super fire!"
by Sisko916 February 6, 2008
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1) The kind of head given only by a professional ho, not by an amateur. This type of oral sex leaves your dick on fire after you bust in her mouth. It has also been known to be very addictive.
Goddamn that bitch gave me that super fire head!!!!!! I gotta pay her extra.
by umean2tellme January 5, 2004
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When a rap is so good it is super hot fire
Damn that rap was super hot fire
by Sudacreme January 11, 2018
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