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Not just a normal dinner and a movie sort of date, but one of epic proportions! May include things like Rock Climbing, Geocaching, swimming with Dolphins, iceskating, etc.
Erik: Hey Cleo, would you like to go on a super date with me?

Cleo: What did you have in mind?

Erik: I was thinking some Skydiving, followed by a long walk up a mountain to go look at stars!

Cleo: Sounds great!
by CaptainBolar December 29, 2011
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One doozy of a date with the 17 dates worth of romance wrapped up into one incredible night.

Very gooey and romantic.
♫ On your Super-Date,
troubles of the world will simply have to wait.♫

♫ All wonders and amazements served up on a silver plate,
hurry up now don't be late. ♫

♫ Cause hand in hand, you'll find a land,
where paradise awaits. ♫

"And then *BOOM!* fireworks over the Manhattan skyline, you kiss her!"

♫ And that's your Super-Date. ♫
by BlueArrow June 05, 2010
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