The Monday after any given Super Bowl, when all you do is get over your hang-over, and talk about the game.
Person 1: Oh.Em.Gee!!!! Did you see that one play yesterday?!?!?!? The one between the FedEx and UPS commericials? OH EM GEEEEEEE!!! It was RAD!!!!
Person 2: Stfu. I drank every time Da Bears scored, and got pretty hammered. Major hangover. Don't you see it's Super Bowl Monday?
by Jizzle Fo Shizzle February 04, 2007
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Top Definition
The Monday after the Super Bowl where you are still hung-over and wondering what you actually did, who won, and why you had so much to drink.

You often must go back to work, school, ect. which makes it that much worst.

It's a specific Case of the Mondays.
Dude 1: Hey dude. I saw you making out with Jill in Lori's kitchen yesterday. Now that's what I call a Touchdown.
Dude 2: Oh, that's what I was doing durring the last quarter. Who ended up winning again?
Dude 1: The Colts man. You're havin' one bad Super Bowl Monday.
by Jizzle Fo Shizzle September 09, 2007
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The Monday after the Super Bowl when your boss takes the day off.
I don't give a rats ass about stupid bowl sunday, but I do look forward to Super Bowl Monday.
by benthrer February 07, 2010
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That day after the Superbowl when everyone's talking about it, and you feel like a total idiot if you missed it.
The water cooler on Superbowl Monday is pretty crowded.
by Wasser_spiegel February 05, 2007
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The day after Superbowl Sunday, Where everyone wakes up hungover and watches the news to see who won anyways because they were too drunk to remember.
Dude 1: Dude! Tomorrows superbowl sunday!
Dude 2: Yeah i know! But then theres superbowl monday after...
by dr happy face February 05, 2007
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The Monday that my factory gives the workers a day off, because Everybody is hung over from the night before... Superbowl Sunday.
Dude I'm so hungover! ..Im glad its Super Bowl Monday at work!
by Checo February 04, 2013
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The Monday after a super bowl when you feel hungover but still must attend: school, work, ect.

You're also still trying to remember who you were doin' in your buddie's kitchen.

Kinda like an overly progressed version of a case of the Mondays.
Hey man! Let's get a WORKIN'!
Shut up man. I'm suffereing from a Super Bowl Monday.
Okay. I'm gonna memo you about that later.

I saw you were bangin' Jill in my kitchen man while the Colts got a touchdown. Now that's what I call a score!
That's who it was?
Damn. What a Super Bowl Monday
by Jizzle Fo Shizzle May 09, 2007
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1. The celebration day of the Super Bowl for all Americans and football fans in Asia. The time in which the Super Bowl airs in America is equivalent to the time people in Asia are watching it except the time zones are different by 12 hours, so while the US watches it on Sunday, it is Monday morning in Asia and people there still watch it. Work schedules, though lenient on these days, are still in motion.

2. Basically a Super Bowl hangover when you wake up wondering what happened, who won, and how much you drank. Basically a hangover plus all the Super Bowl stuff.
1. John: "Have a nice Super Bowl Sunday!"
Steve: "You forget that I live in China. We don't have Super Bowl Sunday. We have Super Bowl Monday."
John: "Oh cool! So, you don't have work do you?"
Steve: "Unfortunately, I do. Thanks for reminding me."

2. Brenda: "Want something to drink?"
Tony: "No thanks, I don't want a Super Bowl Monday tomorrow. Too much work."
Brenda: "Yeah. Ain't nobody got time for that!"
by Aintnobodygottimeforthat February 05, 2013
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