Super Bowl 53 sucked ASS! The rams were fucking snails and they lost the fucking game! 3 points? Are you fucking serious? Also, during the halftime show, Sweet Victory was supposed to play, but instead a short 5 second clip of spongebob played and then it turned into fucking sicko mode! Fuck the NFL!
by Minecraft1238 February 8, 2019
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Worst Super Bowl in history. The game was boring. During halftime, he get hyped as a Spongebob clip plays fofor a few seconds, expecting Sweet Victory to play, only for Sicko Mode to happen. Fuck Sicko Mode. Fuck Travis Scott. Fuck Maroon 5. Fuck the Super Bowl ads. Fuck this Super Bowl.
Dude 1: Did you watch the Super Bowl 53?
Dude 2: Yes
Dude 1: How was it
Dude 2: Gay
by STGamer February 5, 2019
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Super Bowl 53. One of the most boring super bowls most people have watched. Ending in the patriots victory over the rams 13-3. The game was mainly a defensive game and was very unimpressive on the offensive of side. Tom Brady who is considered one of the best quarter backs of all time has now one 6 Super Bowls and the patriots are tied with the Steelers both with 6 Super Bowls for each NFL franchise
John-hey did you catch Super Bowl 53 Last Night?
Matt-yeah i would’ve rather watched paint dry
by Saucyrunning February 4, 2019
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