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AKA Gunset Park. A section of Brooklyn where shit used to pop off. Home to probably the largest group of Puerto Ricans in Brooklyn next to hoods like Red Hook, out of towners should take the R somewhere else if you don't know anyone. Expect some of the finest Spanish women on the East Coast, bomb ass graffiti, and your sneakers hung on the telephone line if you're caught slipping.

Next to sister neighborhood Bay Ridge, the two should not be confused as Bay Ridge is in reality home to district attorneys, and high income white folk, completely opposite of Sunset Park. Visit 86th to go shopping and pick up women, just don't let the street numbers dip too low, as you might be mistaken for food.
Growing up on 5th Ave in Sunset Park, my lullaby was ice cream trucks, open hydrants, cop sirens, and hip-hop.
by BKstories May 07, 2009
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soft part of brooklyn that is filled with spics that think they are hard and gangsta but have sidekick 3's and live in a huge apartment, and dont kno wat its like not to have money
bay ridge will fuck up sunset park in a fight
by jbbbbbb August 09, 2008
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