Summer is perfect even though she may not think it. She is the every girl aspires to be and the girl every guy wants. She will always make you laugh even at your worst time and she is one of the smartest people you will ever meet. She is extremely kind and will always ask what’s wrong if you look sad. Her personality is more beautiful than her and she is stunning.
Jake: That girl is perfect
Mathew: She is definitely a Summer
by Hsjejehdh May 19, 2018
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A smart girl who is awesome in every way and very good at technology and gets a lot of awards
Summer is a genius
by hfdsjhfvajasdfkdvfklklav May 03, 2018
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Summer is a hot season or a beautiful girls name. Summer is loyal and strong and often known as a flower child who is not afraid to stand up and be different. She has strong moral beliefs and very artistically talented. She is a natural and true beauty, both inside and out. She’s wise with good judgment on people.
I wish Summer wasn’t so hot sometimes.
by australiangirl95 June 11, 2011
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Summer is a girl who is the most loveable sweet person you would ever have the chance at meeting. Her height is usually her needing a step stool and her weight is something you should even be bothered by.
Her eyes usually a deep pool of melted chocolate and her smile brings the sun to rise. Her hair is usually long and flowing or short and wavy.
Her giggle will always make you smile and her tears will break your heart.
But Never
Never Piss off this girl.
Hot tempered and foul mouthed she will string together the nastiest words and most hurtful things and throw them right into your face.
Once you lose this girl you'll never get her back.
Guy1: "I just broke up with Summer"
Guy2: *he hits guy1 on the back of the head* "The f*ck did you do that for she loved you!!"
Guy1:"ouch. She just wasn't my deal"
Guy2:"F*cking Idiot" *Runs off to search for her*
-Summer was never seen again-
>she moved away<
by AlphaLoversEpsilonHaters March 15, 2016
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A sexy girl that knows how to work it. Shes beautiful and every guy would like to have her. Shes a party animal and always gets into the craziest predicaments. She never gives up and she is always smiling. She tough and she can hang with the guys. She is friends with more guys that girls because she is too cool for drama. She has a smokin' hot body. She is confident, honest, stubborn and a little insecure. She knows shes not perfect, but you'll think she is. She has one of the best asses you have ever seen in your life. She is hard to get, and only dates the finest guys. Summer is one crazy girl! Not to mention she is great in bed!
Who was that sexy chick dancing at the party?

Oh, thats Summer. And I saw her first.

Is your name summer, cause youre hot
by that boiii11 August 11, 2011
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(n), (adj)

Summer- a curvy brunette who loves to read. Her intellectual superiority will have you feeling intimidated and sometimes, dumb as shit. Summers normally have hazel or green eyes. Has the most beautiful hair. Summers usually draw attention of black men or WoW nerds. She is INCREDIBLE in bed. We aren't talking your typical ol good lay, we're talking sun and earth shattering lay. She is so tight and clean and probably has huge tits. Sensitive, loves animals and nature, very passionate in what she believes in. Clingy once In a few relationships; but once she's over it, she's done.
Guy1: man, did you see summer?
Guy2: na dude, her internal light glowing from her beauty blinded me.
Guy1: good thing I had shades on.
by Gordonkiy July 08, 2012
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Wonderfully odd and full of life. Very hyper and hard to control at times, but worth the effort. Unabashedly goofy.
"That guy is so summers. Look at him making a fool of himself and not caring what anyone thinks."
by ncklelkvg July 05, 2008
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