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probably the hottest babe ever alive. she is SUPER sexy. and with her catch phrase "Juuuusssstttiiiinnnn!" whats not to love? she is also the owner of the well known Sumiko express. she is married to jürgen (aka owner of jürgen's bar & grill) is a major sargent in the german nazi army. their two sons are justin (the smart assed jap kamikaze) and kevin (the meth and video game addict who loves to sit in the basement with no lights playing video games in the climax of his crazy meth adventures) and then theres lea. but you shouldnt get me started on her cuz that will take forever.
So me and Sumiko last night...
by Mitchell Cardin July 03, 2009
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A teenage girl who exposed herself to older men for attention and or money; a teenage gold digging attention whore.
Oh my god did you see Jessica's nudes? I can't believe she gave them to old man Joe for money. She's such a Sumiko!
by Anonyknown June 13, 2016
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