Sumeru (Sanskrit)( सुमेरु ) is a mountain in Ancient Hindu mythology Vedas ( Ancient Hindu text) also mentioned in Ramayana. It is also the name of the central world-mountain in Buddhist cosmology. King of all mountains. Center of the Universe.
" In Vedas epic Ramayana, Sumeru Parvat was brought to Lord Laxman by Lord Hanuman by a request from a sage for his injuries to be healed due to life saving qualities found in the mountain such as herbs used as medication."
A realm in Genshin Impact, Ruled by the Dendro Archon. Sumeru can be identified as a Arabian desert depending from the clothing of outlanders who came from Sumeru.
Sumeru is a nation with the dendro archon.
by Haruko_Sama November 22, 2021
Sumeru is one of the friendliest people you'd meet, he is the type of guy whose bad jokes can entertain you for hours. An absolute cutie and someone you can talk to for hours and not get bored around, also one of the most caring people you could meet.
you really need a sumeru in your life
by dkdjicsnvddo November 25, 2021