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Sumajja, pronounced (Su-may-ah), is a very uncommon name for a girl. Sumajja is a very intelligent, beautiful, eager, and friendly girl who can always put a smile on your face.
Sumajja is such a proper girl.
by Laylani Behreson February 08, 2017
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fuckin weirdo. has the laugh of a witch and and a dying baby seal combined, but we love her. her favorite food are these strange ukrainian dumplings from trader joe’s. really wants to get into oxford and major in P.P.E. never get her angry, for her β€œsumi voice” is scary.
person 1: β€œdid sumajja win student council president again?”
person 2: β€œyeah dude she gave everyone muji pens and hugs. she’s inevitable.”
by bob lmao October 13, 2019
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