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the place in new york state that hosts the migration of the hasidics every summer. During the summer, driving is hell, there's nothing to do, and there is summer camp activity everywhere. Every other season the only thing to do is cruise wal-mart and go to school to make deals. Everyone's either pregnant, slow, in jail, or smells like bad soup
dude 1: What's up with this traffic! It came out of nowhere!
dude2: Yeah, it's sullivan county!
by FREEZEsucka July 01, 2009
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A county in upstate New York two hours northwest of New York City. Since the advent of the automobile lower middle class New Yorkers (mainly Italians, Jews and Eastern Europeans) lured by what they can afford, have been building second homes in the wooded region. Having peaked when SC played host to the original Woodstock festival, much of the camps and resorts have fallen into disrepair. Children of the original transplants are neither urban nor rural. They are neither farmers nor educated. Motocross passes the time while they wait for land prices to push them further North.
sullivan county
by county joe and the fish May 04, 2011
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One of the absolute shittiest areas of NH, no questions asked. Miles upon miles of tiny, go-nowhere towns in the middle of fucking nowhere, row upon row of trailer parks and absurdly run-down houses (most of them with rusted car parts and appliances dotting the yards), shitty general stores, pizza parlors, and ice cream stands dotting the land, gun shops in every town, and tourist trap gift shops littering the more populated areas. Meth and heroin are big in the area, alcoholism is rampant, and there have been a fair amount of confirmed incest cases in quite a few of the towns. Even the more populated areas are still pretty seedy, with Newport holding little more than a strip mall, a few convenience stores, and other assorted unsuccessful businesses. When the biggest draw of a town is a fucking Ocean State Job Lots outlet, you know there's a problem. Claremont is much the same, just larger, while Sunapee is populated by rich out-of-staters in the summer and is damn near a fucking ghost town in the winter. Really, this describes the entire fucking area in a nutshell. There are only three things worth giving a rat's ass about here: Lake Sunapee, which is okay, Mount Sunapee, which is overpriced as fuck and worthless if you don't like winter sports, and the assorted hiking trails, which are mosquito-ridden hellholes for much of the summer and snowed over in the winter, making them useless for snowshoeing. In short, fuck this place.
"Fuck, man, where are we going today?"
"Fuck that shit, it's like a larger Newport, AKA devoid of anything worth giving a pig fuck about."
"Man, fuck Sullivan County."
"True dat."
by Phlogiston Verdigris August 23, 2011
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