A delusional republican that as a ditto head listens and believes everything that the desiminators of the Koch brothers propaganda on the Fox network drones on about.
Gee that Sarah Palin is real Koch sukker.
by hipshot November 5, 2011
A danish word for sugar but also a slang word for alcohol.
Whats up, wanna get drunk on sukker
Yes, but whos gonna take sukker with them to the party
by Berta brystkasse November 4, 2019
An overly positive sunshine pumper who thinks the glass is always more than half full despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
Rational Human: The Dallas Mavericks might make the playoffs, but they won't contend for a title this year.

Pepper Sukker: You lie! The Mavs made all the right moves this summer and the only move that could be better is the next move they make.
by MFisherDallas October 29, 2009