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Similar to suicide by police, this method of killing yourself is done by throwing yourself in a dangerous situation, knowing you will likely die, but also knowing that you will save others in the process and finally be appreciated for once.
While this may sound like just straight up heroism, it is more than that. This form of suicide is committed by people who desire attention, and are likely depressed, but also want to do good for this world before taking their leave.
Guy 2: "No, why?"
Guy 1: "This kid at my school just prevented a mass shooting by throwing himself onto the gunman and knocking him unconscious. He got shot multiple times though and died from bleeding out."
Guy 2: "Why the fuck did he do that?!"
Guy 1: "Some people call it 'Suicide by Heroism', to be honest, that kid was obviously depressed so this has to have been the case. I wish we would have known sooner. Then again, he probably saved our asses."
Guy 2: "Yeah, that's for sure. He'll be remembered."
by The Worlds Loneliest Man February 25, 2017
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