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Bascially, really messed up one-man group who makes industrial songs that are really addicting. Many of his songs are too disturbing for words, yet some of them are OK. Some of his songs are actually quite good.

Despite the fact that Suicide Commando is the most messed-up artist on this green Earth, he is really talented and ought to be noted for that.
I just downloaded "Neuro Suspension" by Suicide Commando. I think this guy had a bad life...
by Evestar July 21, 2009
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Suicide Commando is the pen name of Johann Von Roy, A Belgian Brutal-Electro musician who writes catchy mysterious electronic beats
while superimposing graphic lyrics about serious mental and physical issues that plague the western world. Upon first listen to a SC song it may appear that Von Roy is just being edgy to be edgy. But once you look deeper you will understand that he is a man on a mission, A mission to raise awareness of the sheer horror that lurks right outside our doors. By listening to Suicide Commando, You will have learned more about human nature and psychology than if you were to have taken years of courses. I warn you, What you will find is horrifying and those who enter may never come back the same. ||X|||

Common topics that are covered in suicide commando songs are:

Sexual frustration and rape
Various physical diseases (Neuro-syphilis, HIV, Anorexia, Etc)
Radical religion
Suicide Commando is truly a commentator of our post-modern culture from an outside looking in viewpoint.
by Xx Francis Crick Xx April 20, 2015
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