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She is the sweetest girl in the planet she always have your back ,fun charismatic person to hangout with such a genuine laugh/smile , she is a trustworthy person,passionate, intelligent not everyone could when her heart if you won it as it’s mention before she will get your back , love you to the end ,never betrays you , she is a real life lady with such beauty and intelligence .
Pulse her name means beautiful amazing and it’s also a name of a star found in the sky ,their is a river which carries her name called as (Suha river ) found in Romania .
by True love never ends SKRRR December 27, 2017
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A beautiful girl who is friendly and possibly the sweetest person on earth. She may be stubborn at times, but she has a good heart.

The literal meaning of her name is "a faint star" and is the arabic version of the name Alcor in the big dipper (ursa major).
lets go find suha in thee sky!

She is such a suha!
by datlove March 13, 2012
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Suha is a girl who's easily loved, a girl you dont wanna miss out and be-friend with.

Suha originally means "a faint star". A star that's so pretty to watch and hard to catch.
She's tough and stubborn at times but has the most kind heart.

Her charismatic does it all, her personality makes you wish we have more suhas on this planet.
Dont miss out on a Suha !!
I need a Suha in my life !!!
You'd never regret a Suha.
by a goth readhead. February 18, 2018
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It litterally means "a beautiful smile"
it is a conjunction of two sanskrit words, 'SU'- which means good, or amazing and 'Has'- which means a smile.
put together, it means a beautiful smile.

And people with this name are usually awesome persons.
Suhas is awesome!
by The.Phoenix. December 27, 2009
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Suhas is a person who is just overall. They like to forget about hardships and to have fun instead. They don't let others know when they're hurting but if they do that means they trust you deeply. Sometimes Suhas' have trust issues but they will overcome it if you mean a lot to them. They are great people to be friends with because they're such good listeners even though you have to initiate conversations. Everyone needs a Suhas in their life.
Did you just pull a Suhas?
You're acting like a Suhas.
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by BrownKid_TrynaBeKewl April 18, 2017
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Suha is a small hidden planet, with invisible light and is also high, and beautiful.

it's also spelled Soha.. in different laguages.
let's go out tonight and explore the sky for the Suha.
by la vie February 06, 2010
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She's the sweetest, kind and smart girl. When you look at her, your eyes will capture her God-given beauty because she's so attractive and seductive who's a star glowing in the Earth. She's novel; she gives her boy more than two chances or not she'll live them alone saying: "I'm once in a lifetime". She aspires to become the most successful person who will try to give everyone fantastic lives especially her future husband.
That star is Suha. She's illuminating the whole school.
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by Ajax Ace November 20, 2020
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