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I've noticed that the definition is inaccurate on this one.

"Sugi pula!" (similar to Serbian "Puši kurac!") means "you suck the dick" in Romanian.

"Îmi sugi pula!" (similar to Serbian "Puši mi kurac!") means "you suck my dick" (also seen as "Să-mi sugi pula!", which would be translated properly as "Suck my dick!")
-Bozgor: "Ardealul e al nostru" (Hungayrian: "Transylvania is ours")
-Român: "Sugi pula, bozgore!" (Romanian: "You suck the dick, hungayrian!")

"Îmi sugi pula, tu şi Dan Voiculescu" (You suck my dick, you and Dan Voiculescu)

"Hai noroc! Să-mi sugi pula!" (Cheers! Suck my dick!)
by B.I-S September 04, 2017
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"Sugi pula" is a romanian bad word which is like "Suck my d*ck ".

It's often used by teenagers and they think they are more "badasses" in front of other kids but they really aren't.

Some people use it to joke, like friend-to-friend jokes and it's funny saying "sugi pula" to your friends
Ex. Alex, sa-mi sugi pula de imbecil!

Ex. Marian te bag in pizda ma-tii, sugi pula!
by sNok3 May 25, 2018
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