Some dumb poker commentators dumb nickname that he admitted to live on youtube.
Hey Suffy, he had a straight you dummy. :D
by Johndokesjokes July 6, 2018
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at outside of him or her is so kind and soo friendly personever will you ever meet .. they have a lot of friend!.
suffi is the most kind person I ever meet!
by aniisthhzzz September 7, 2017
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Some-underachieveing-fuckup(faliure)...not necessarily white trash, chav etc. just someone who never quite "got there"...never left home, got a job etc.
Tom- "Man, when we were young Jake had all the potential to be great."

Jamie-"Yeah, now he's just a 20 year old suffie."
by Awaybeit September 20, 2009
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