1. A workout or race in the arena of endurance sports that involves prolonged suffering on the part of all who participate.

2. A pseudonym for a group ride in cycling that in unuasally arduous.
1. Lance Armstong is better at winning sufferfest(s) than any other cyclist.

2. Are you going to the Sufferfest tonight?
by GUnit502 January 2, 2011
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An activity whereby all participants ache, agonize, ail, be at a disadvantage, be racked, deteriorate, endure, grieve, languish, and/or writhe.. but by co-misery, yet co-hesiveness, will have experienced a grand time.
We put-in on the Trinity rafting amidst a snowball fight. Our dry gear was soaked within an hour. Every morning we waited for our wetsuits to thaw. They were frozen in a U-shape from the useless clothesline with icicles hanging from the arms and legs. On the fourth and final night, we all slept in our wetsuits. It rained or hailed the entire time. Soggy sandwiches and all. But we celebrated the sufferfest with beers, sun-showers, and bacon wrapped dates at the take-out.climbingadventure
by outsidejay2 March 22, 2011
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