Suela is the rare gem of all girls, she’s the perfect ooman that you find one day and never let go of for the rest of your life. Suela will cheer you up whenever you’re having a bad day, and she’ll elevate your amazing days even more. She’s the easiest to talk to, and the most fun to hang out with. She’s the ultimate example of a girlfriend who is always your best friend. Every single kiss with her is perfect, especially in the middle of a rainstorm. She can be a savage sometimes, and even when she is, the smile she gives you after saying something never fails to remind you of the crazy amount of love she has for you. Suela is the sexiest girl ever. Even when she thinks she doesn’t look the best, you won’t be able to help but stare in awe at her magnificent beauty. When she’s feeling herself though, you’ll know it, and nothing will make you happier than her looking at herself in the mirror and seeing even a fraction of the perfection in herself that you see on a daily basis. You haven’t lived until you’ve met Suela. Suela gives you life. You won’t go a day without falling into an even deeper love than you ever thought possible. Every day, you’ll rest assured that she’ll hold and protect your heart for the rest of your lives. All you'll want to do is love her and make her smile as much as you possibly can. A single smile from her will make your entire body melt. Suela deserves the best, so if you ever get lucky enough to find her, be the best. Suela is once in a lifetime.
Me: Hey, What's your name?
Suela: Hi, I'm Suela, how are you?
Me: Please marry me now.
by JustAManInLove January 10, 2018
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a guy you think is innocent and has no relations with girls, but in fact, is the biggest man slut/hoe there is. a suela typically has a big dick.
Me: Woah, that guy is really chilled hey. He's the most proper guy in this school
Her: don't be fooled by his quietness and brains, he's a Suela.
by ThotBeGoneLol October 22, 2019
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1. the act of being brusque or tactless, whether for the sake of humour when interacting with others who know of Suela or to effectively end a conversation/friendship with someone who is not in the know

2. someone who embodies these tactless or abrupt tendencies
1. Person A: "look at this text I just got. No punctuation or capitalization. It's kinda rude. She's being really suela today."

2. Person A: Let's head down, I just need to put on my shoes
(three seconds pass)
Suela: (impatiently) How hard is it to put on shoes?
by r00str October 24, 2010
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