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Sudhan is a guy name.

It is pronounced as "sue-dant". If you have difficulty pronouncing it, you can just call him "Student", which sounds almost the same.

The person that carry this name is the lamest guy on earth. A silly joke will just comes out of his mouth at any time.

He's also known as the world's best and most graceful ballerina. He dances every day and night, non-stop.

Furthermore, he's a nice person to bully too, because he's just too kind.

Mr.A: Hello, s...s..u..d..han..... gosh... it's really hard to pronounce it!

Sudhan: *No Respond*

Mr.B: Just call him student.

Mr.A: Oh.. okay.. Hello, Student!

Sudhan: HELLO!!
by Mr.Potatoe March 09, 2009
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