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Suckmate generally refers to a situation that simply sucks. However Suckmate more closely resembles a situation in which you can't escape without falling into more suck. Suckmate is a portmanteau of the words Suck and Checkmate.
Jeremy: Dude, I am so bored right now.

Jonathon: We're partying tonight, want to come?

Jeremy: Can't, don't have a car tonight.

Jonathon: Oh, I'll give you a ride.

Jeremy: Eh, that won't work either, if I don't get my Essay in my 'rents will ground me.

Jonathon: Well, dude, give Shawna a call.

Jeremy: We broke up...

Jonathon: Well, dude... Suckmate, you win.
by The Hammer of Wisconsin September 08, 2009
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