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A Gay horny short dude with glasses and braces who never gets any pussy and sucks cock. He is usually in elementary school or middle school. He bring I Phones or I Pads on the Bus. He is almost always watching porn. If your friends with him he'll probably rape you. He usually has a crush on everyone (including men). He is a pussy who sucks his own dick. synonyms: Bitch, MotherFucker,Gay,Dick Head,DipShit,AssHole,DoucheBag,Pervert
Omg look it's that bitch suchir, did he just watch porn at school.
by Not_Enzo_Or_Jason_Or_Anny November 30, 2017
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I have watched so much porn lately, that I thing I am becoming a suchir.
by DBAG September 23, 2016
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