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A game similar to soccer and rugby. A fast paced, hard-hitting game that will challenge everything you've known about soccer. The game is played with a rubber playground ball, a field, and a pair of goals, regulation size. The field length can be whatever length is available.


1 - The ball carrier can only carry the ball for a maximum of 5 seconds

2 - The ball carrier can maintain possession of the ball by holding the ball as long as he wants as long if he has one foot pivoting

3 - A player can score with any part of his/her body (head, leg, foot, chest) except the arms or hands

4 - A player cannot score on a ball that is intentionally thrown into the goal

5 - A player cannot score off a punted ball in the goal off his/her foot (drop kick) but instead, the ball must be kicked off the ground

6 - All hits on a player are legal except the following: deliberate shots to the head (head hunt), shots to the groin or face, shots to the neck

7- When a ball is scored, the defensive team (team that just was scored on) must touch the ball before the offense can touch it again.

8 - When a ball is shot and lands over the goal, the ball is live and is anyone’s ball.

9 - A game does not start until one player from each team steps on to the field under their own power (can't be pushed/forced on by the other team

10 - If one of the teams scheduled to play does not step on the field for the entire recess, it will result in a forfeiture of the game and a loss for the team.
Boy 1: Hey, what should we play at your house today?
Boy 2: How about we play succer! That game is awesome! I'll call up (name), (name), (name), and (name).
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by Thedanishkringle1274 October 24, 2017
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