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short for Suburban Noize Records,A record label founded by those So cal hooligans The kottonmouth kings the label contains artists such as Big B,OPM,DaddyX,Hed (PE),Mower,Phunk Junkeez,Subnoize Souljahz and others.
If I keep spittin these lines,maybe i can get up on Subnoize.
by G-13-Stoner June 06, 2006
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A voice that comes from within... Could also be trickery by some other means, such as a higher intelligence to test the targeted individual’s breaking point or simply, for their own amusement within reason. Commonly with individuals hearing multiple consciousness’ offering projected outcomes of a particular situation.
After attempting to replace a water filter multiple times, Heywood Jablohme hears a subnoize suggesting either improvise the filter to fit, whilst another subnoize suggested buying the correct filter suggested by the manufacturer.
by DSO-theOriginal May 19, 2019
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