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Fastest production car ever made. Shares the same engine with the Ferrari Enzo, the EA82.

Some say that no woman can resist the charm and over all sex appeal of the Leone.

This car is renounded for having the blistering speed of the Toyota Hilux diesel while still retaining the fuel economy of the Fiat 500.

Elton John's classic hit "Ticking Ticking" was actually written about Elton's friend's Subaru Leone

Even thousands of years ago, the Leone was talked about. For example, a passage in the Bible says...

"On the Sixth day god created the Torana, on the Seventh day, he traded it in on a RX II"

It is rumored that the "Big Bang" was caused by an EA82 backfiring.

Nothing like the soothing ticking of a Subaru Leone on a cold morning.
by Swifty Man October 17, 2008
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