stumble across, to encounter or discover (someone or something) by accident
after 28 yrs of mis direction i stumble upon taoism n it changed my life forever!
by annua August 8, 2009
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Ha! Hahaha! You mean 'been thrown at!?' Is that what you mean!? Hahaha!
Hym "Hahahahaha! I LOVE that that is your response to that question! Ha! 'Stumbled upon.' That is PRICELESS! You know, speaking of magnets, that brings me back to my fat-cock pheromone theory. I bet you a million dollars they have some kind of pheromone-adjacent property. I'm pretty sure I told someone to study that but I'm still waiting on it to get back to me. Hurry it up! "
by Hym Iam October 20, 2023
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