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A buldge in a mans pants
Too stuff a sock down your pants to make groin appear bigger
by sicko111 September 27, 2007
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A boner. A Chubby. Morning Wood. Stiffy, cranked shaft, woody, large hardon collider, smuggling a midget in your pants, and any number of other colourful euphemisms for an erection. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go look at some nudie pics and everything will be explained. (This only applies to guys, sorry ladies.)
Franky: Dude, I was standing at the bar last night, looking at this hawt piece of ass, and all of a sudden I had a stuffed monkey. I had to hunch over!

Dan: I'm on it like my girlfriend on a stuffed monkey!

Arnold: Just holding her hand gives me a stuffed monkey!

Carl: My girlfriend came over and my stuffed monkey got to play in her treehouse all day.
by D[e]m[o]n August 31, 2010
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