Basically, a six-month paid vacation for rich kids who've never worked a day in their lives. It involves little-to-no studying, spending upwards of $15,000 that they did not earn themselves, partying, drinking, and traveling. It is often confused with the term "academic experience," although far from it. These students feel study abroad is "right" not a "privilege" and feel that it makes them better than the rest of the population.
Susie: "Oh my gosh! It was amazing! Three weeks ago I went to Prague, Germany and London. Next week I'm going to Rome, Florence, and Perugia and my parents are totally supportive."

Angela: "That's great. Did you save up during high school and your summer job?"

Susie: Save? That's what poor kids do. My dad paid for this-- I just have to pay for my souvenirs, but even then it's off my parent's card!"

Angela: "Oh"

Susie: "Yeah, this whole homework thing is getting in the way of my Study Abroad vacation."
by FlaStudent1988 April 8, 2011
(V) To exceedingly scrutinize, in most cases stalk, an alluring female.
Guy1- Hey man, whacha do last summer?
Guy2- I studied abroad.
Guy1- Where did you go?
Guy2- Oh, just around the city a couple of times and then to her house...
Guy1- You do know studying abroad means leaving the country, right? Hey, Wait! "Her House"!?!?
Guy2- Oh yeah, I followed her all the wall home just to stare intently and mind-rape her.
Guy1- *Expression o_O* You are one sick, miserable bastard. Ya know that? You really did "Study Abroad".
Guy2- Yeah, but would I do it again? :D
Guy1- Probably...
by jingles123 January 22, 2011
A mental condition that comes into the mind of guys waiting in the states for their long term girlfriends to return from studying abroad. It sets in about two months into the girlfriends studying abroad and causes their boyfriends to believe that they are messing around while in a foreign country. This can literally drive a man insane. However usually its true. Because why wouldnt their girlfriends fuck around with hot foreign guys that speak other languages that their boyfriends would never know about.

It can also apply to the females in the situation, whom in a normal environment in their home country would not even for a second think about cheating on their boyfriends, but third world countries are just so romantic some times that girls cant help but turn into study abroad sluts.
"Hey man when does your girlfriend get back from Germany?" "Fuck it, I know shes got study abroad slut syndrome over there!" "How did you find out?" "I dont actually have any evidence Im just making assumptions but I know im right!"

"Hey girls, Renzo is going to take me home for the night! Wooooo!" "Aww, did you and your boyfriend at home break up?" "Im only going to be in Chile once! Im a study abroad slut!! He'll be waiting when I come home"
by brokechinchana June 4, 2012