2 definitions by jingles123

(V) To exceedingly scrutinize, in most cases stalk, an alluring female.
Guy1- Hey man, whacha do last summer?
Guy2- I studied abroad.
Guy1- Where did you go?
Guy2- Oh, just around the city a couple of times and then to her house...
Guy1- You do know studying abroad means leaving the country, right? Hey, Wait! "Her House"!?!?
Guy2- Oh yeah, I followed her all the wall home just to stare intently and mind-rape her.
Guy1- *Expression o_O* You are one sick, miserable bastard. Ya know that? You really did "Study Abroad".
Guy2- Yeah, but would I do it again? :D
Guy1- Probably...
by jingles123 January 22, 2011
(adj) slang term for someone who is rich, hence the term 'filthy rich'.
duude! You live up in Beverly Hills!!?!? Your parents must be Filthy!!!
by jingles123 January 18, 2011